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  • T38 Dolly Pusher for Rock Drilling Business


    Customer is from Zambia, a loyal customer of rock drillilng tools, he bought the R32-45mm Drill Bits and shank adapters to test in his own mines and made a deal with us directly, he used to be an agent of Epiroc Drilling tools and Sandvik rock drilling tools in the Copper Mines Zambia. Business begi Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Client Testing Results Tapered Chisel Bits


    D34mm Hex 22 7 Degree Tapered Chisel Bits Testing Result Report From Customer in Saudi Arabia 2000 pieces of the Tapered Chisel Bits D34H22Degree 7 Shipped to Saudi Arabia after happy testing result report. Check the proof of photos before and after testing and order is done for delivery. Read More

  • 38mm Tapered Button Bits 11 Degrees To Canada


    Tapered Button Bits Drilling Bits Used for Hollow Drill Steel Bars.Tapered Button Bits with hot insert buttons; 7 Carbides Tipes, Tapered Degree: 11, 12 6 degrees for choice. Application: Quarry Drilling, Hand-held Phnumatic Drilling Hammer Machines, Connected Drill Steels: H22 H55x108mm and 159mm. Read More

  • Russian DTH Button Bits


    Russian Down The Hole (DTH) Bits Bit shank P110 Color Gold or Customized Diameter 110/130mm Application: water well, ore, oil, gas deep hole drilling High air pressure DTH bits Order Qty: 1200 pieces shipped to Russia. Read More

  • Copper Mine Drill Bits SR35-45mm R32-45mm Threaded Buttons Customer-made for Dubbo Mine in Australia


    Our experienced team of Diving Professionals all have over 15 years of diving experience and have been professionally certified. Our team includes the most experienced SSI instructors in the world who are always happy to help you.Divers Center has an affordable pricing policy that allows us to offer Read More

  • T51-Drill Steels and Drill Bits Customer Visiting in GLDD(Great Lakes and Dredge and Dock) company o


    Visiting TIme: 2017-2018 2018-2019 Visiting Site: Headquarter office of Chicago. Rock Drilling Tools Tested: T51-6095mm Male-Male with Flat Drill Steel Rods. Read More

  • The Declaration of China-made Rock Drilling Consumables


    "Good Quality of China-made Rock Drilling Tools are not Expensive at all" Customers want to buy the proper good for their rock drilling business, not buying diamonds ''Are you buying Brand names or the real good quality rock drilling consumables?'' Read More

  • Customers of KINGLONG Drills


    KingLong Drills Customer Locations: United States of America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Australia, etc. Business Range: Construction Projects, Tunneling Projects, Mining Blasting borehole Drilling, Production Drilling , Developing Drilling Read More

  • R25-35mm R32-45mm Thread Button Bits Testing Visit in USA


    Visiting TIme: 2017-2018 2018-2019 Visiting Site: Headquarter office of Birmingham. Rock Drilling Tools Tested: R25-35mm Drill Button Bits, R32-45mm R32-51mm Thread Drill Button Bits, T38-64mm T38-51-102mm Thread Reaming Button Bits Read More

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