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Hollow Rock Drill Steels

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KING-LONG Rock Drill Steel:
Can be supplied as:Hollow hot-rolled ;Round or Hexagon bar.
  • H19 H22 H25 Hexagonal, Round D32 D38 D45 D51 etc.
  • Drills Steels, Hollow Rock Drill Steels, Rock Drilling Hollow Drill Steels.
Hollow Rock Drill Steels
  • Type of Products: Drills Steels, Hollow Rock Drill Steels, Rock Drilling Hollow Drill Steels.

  • Types of Hollow Rock Drill Steels: H19 H22 H25 Hexagonal, Round D32 D38 D45 D51 etc.

  • Chemical Composition Name: 55SiMnMo 35SiMnMo 45CrNi3MoV 23CrNi3Mo 40SiMnCrNiMo.


Application of KING-LONG Hollow Drill Steels:
A. H19 H22 H25 Hexagonal Cone Drill Rods. Chemical Composition Name: 55SiMn-Mo.
B. D32 D38 Threaded Drill Rods Round Hollow Drill Rods. Steel Species: 35SiMnMoV.
C. Advantaged Cone Drill Rods H19 H22 H25, Steel Species: Z708 Sanbar61 steel, i.e. 40SiMnCrNiMo.

D. D45 D51 other threaded connection Drill Rods with round hollow drill steels, Steel Speciers: 23CrNi3Mn, applied for final products: Rock Drill Shank Adapters, Threaded Rock Drilling Steels.


KING-LONG Hollow Drill Steel is characterized by a number of properties that enable efficient production:
A. High fatigue strength and toughness
B. High resistance to wear and permanent distortion
C. Close tolerances (for automated manufacturing process)
D. Uniform response to heat treatment

E. Uniform straightness (eliminating the need for straightening)


KING-LONG Rock Drill Steel:
Can be supplied as:
Hollow hot-rolled

Round or Hexagon bar.


Hollow Rock Drill Steels Packing and Decarburized layers

The hollow steel is commonly 6000-7000mm
Through consultation between supply and requisition parties, the hollow steel can be delivered by short dimensions
In case of delivery by specified and multiple lengths, the allowable deviation of the total length shall be 0mm~+60mm

Decarburized layer
The unilateral decarburized depth of the surface of hollow steels (ferrite+1/2 transition layer) shall be not more than (0.15+1.0%H(D)) mm if the basic dimension is not more than 25.3 mm; and it shall be not more than 1.0% H(D) mm if the basic dimension is more than 25.3 mm.


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