T51 115mm Retrac Button Bits

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retrac button bit suitable for powerful percussive drills and top hammers with high speed drifter, our retrac drill bits are widely used in bench and production drilling, extensional drilling.
  • T51 115mm
  • Kingkong Drills
  • T51 115mm Retrac Button Bits
  • Retrac Bit
  • flat, uniface, drop center
  • T51
  • Carbide shape: Dome, ballistic, semi-ballistic
  • benching and long-hole drilling underground
  • MF rod, MM rod heavy duty top hammer
  • superior alloy steel and tungsten carbide

Button Bits: High quality and several thread with various carbide tips are available. All products can be developed upon customers' request.

We can supply all kind of button bits with Rope thread R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38 and T thread, T38, T45, T51, ST58, T60 etc.

Main Button Bits: R32-43MM, R32-45MM, R32-51, R32-64, R32-76,T38-64, T38-76MM, T38-89, T38-102MM,T45-76MM, T45-89MM, T45-102MM,T51-89MM, T51-102MM, T51-127 etc.

We can offer you all face design, flat face, drop-center face, normal body and retrac body.

Diameter: 76mm, 89mm, 102mm

Skirt body: retrac, and normal, straightrac

Face type: flat, uniface, Drop Center

Carbide shape:  Dome, ballistic, semi-ballistic

Used in bench drilling, underground long hole drilling to match extension MF rod, MM rod heavy duty top hammer drilling tools.

T51 retrac bit1 T51 retrac bit2T51 retrac bit3

Applications of Thread button bits

1.Underground mining and surface mining

2.Long hole drilling

3.Bench mining and production mining

4.Granite, Basalt, Limestone rock etc.

Before Official Order, please confirm below informations:

(1) Thread Type

(2) Standard or Retrac

(3) Bit button shape (tip shape)--Spherical or Ballistic

(4) Bit face shape--Drop Center, Flat Face, Convex, Concave, etc...

Contact Amy Zhang for more details

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