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T38 64mm Hot-pressed Thread Button Drill Bit

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Ungsten Carbide R32 45mm Thread Button Bit is the best seller in Rock Drilling Tools, this button bit made with high quality of best quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide, through heat treatment like Atlas. These button bit can be used on mine ,stone quarry, tunnel , Infrastructure construction and so on .
  • T38-64mm
  • Bart KingKong
  • Thread Button Drill Bit
  • Thread Button Bit
  • 8 buttons / 9 buttons
  • T38
  • Button bit shape/Face shape
  • mining,quarring,tunneling, gound quarring and underground drilling
  • Q45

In order to make best effort to be the cost-effective leader for the drilling industry, we have a complete line of fast penetration and rock pulverization thread drill bits for the worldwide drilling industry. Our thread button bit are suitable for rock drilling, water well, quarries, open pit and underground mining, construction, and blasting and so on. 


Button bit made with high quality of best quality alloy steel bar and    tungsten carbide, through heat treatment like Atlas.


Alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide bit


No MOQ required for testing and trial order

Body Type

Normal and Retrac type

Thread type




Button bit shape

Spherical and Ballistic

Face shape

Flat shape, Drop-center shape

Thread button/drill bit features:

1. The threaded drill bit are equipped with the hydraulic drilling jumbo and used for crush rock ,and it is widely used in tunnel construction, large scale mine(open and underground )and large section tunnel advance in metal mine.

2. Our threaded button bit is made by best quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide ,through heat treatment like Atlas, it includes R25,R28,R32,R35,R38,T45,T51,ST58,HT60,ST68 and so on. And the head diameter range from 35mm to 127mm.

3. Our special technology develops the sharpest ball tooth, and the bits with sharp buttons are suitable for hard and mid -hard rock, and it also have excellent wear resistance and driving speed.The bits with round buttons are widely used in hard rock ,with the advantage of high abrasion and impact resistance.

How to choose the suitable thread button bit?

R25 (1") SERIES (Recommended bit diameter Dia.33~Dia.45)

R28 (1 1/8") SERIES (Recommended bit diameter Dia.37~Dia.45)

R32 (1 1/4") SERIES (Recommended bit diameter Dia.41~Dia.64)

R35 (1 3/8") SERIES (Recommended bit diameter Dia.48~Dia.64)

T38 (1 1/2") SERIES (Recommended bit diameter Dia.64~Dia.102)

T45 (1 3/4") SERIES (Recommended bit diameter Dia.70~Dia.115)

T51 (2") SERIES (Recommended bit diameter Dia.89~Dia.127)

GT60 SERIES (Recommended bit diameter Dia.92~Dia.152)

We can design customized thread button drill bits according to different drilling application, and custom drill bits are applicable to drill soft rock, loose-medium rock and hard rock.

Picutre of Thread button bits 

T38 64mm rock drill bit5T38 64mm rock drill bit0

T38 64mm rock drill bit1T38 64mm rock drill bit2T38 64mm rock drill bit4T38 64mm rock drill bit3

Test results 

button bits test (1)button bits test (2)

button bits test (4)

Our drilling bit can be used in different situations and different type stones.

We also can customize the drill button bit according to your rock ingredient.

Information need to know before ordering

1. Thread
2. Button Bit Diameter
3. Face Design: Flat Face or drop center
3. Body/Skirt: Regular or retract body

4. Carbide/Button: Spherical or Ballistic

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