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Russia type DTH Hammer drill bits

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DTH hammer bit is short for Down The Hole hammer bit. Our DTH bits adopts quality raw material and heat treatment to manufacture. Due to the feature of wear-resistant and impact toughness, our DTH hammer button bit is widely used in mining, water well drilling, and rock drilling.
  • hammer 110mm 130mm
  • Bart KingKong
  • 110/130
  • Russian dth button bits
  • Russia DTH bit
  • flat, uniface, drop center
  • Dia. 110mm
  • anchoring hole drilling, water well drilling,underground mining
  • superior quality

We produce Russian shank (ghost thread) low pressure DTH hammer and bits

Hammer: 110, 130

Bits diameter: 110mm-130mm

Shank can be available:

1), Dia. 64mm-70mm shank Bulroc BR1

2), Dia. 70mm-95mm shank Halco MACH20, Bulroc BR2

3), Dia. 90mm-102mm shank COP32, COP34, Halco MACH303, M30, DHD3.5, Bulroc BR3

4), Dia. 105mm-152mm shank COP44, DHD340, Halco MACH44, SD4, M40, QL40, Bulroc BR4

5), Dia. 135mm-165mm shank COP54, DHD350R, COP54, Halco MACH50, SD5, M50, QL50, Bulroc BR5

6), Dia. 152mm-254mm shank COP64, DHD360, SD6, M60, QL60, Bulroc BR6

7), Dia. 203mm-330mm shank COP84, DHD380, SD8, QL80

8), Dia. 254mm-380mm shank SD10, Numa100

9), Dia. 305mm-508mm shank DHD1120, SD12, N120, N125

10), Dia. 405mm-864mm shank SD15, SD18

11), VKP80, VKP95, CIR90, CIR100, CIR110, CIR150, CIR200...

Feature of DTH drill bit

110mm DTH hamemr can match with 90mm,100mm,110mm and 120mm DTH bits, We use the best technology to improve the Bit's quality and also compare with Atlas copco and Sandvik. Up to now, Our P series bits have been exported to Russian, Ukrian, , South African, South Aisa etc areas. The drill bits are normally used on limestone,Granite, bluestone etc.  YK05 button inserts can let the drill bits bear any hardness rocks. Special design can improve the drilling efficiency.

Russia DTH bit01Russia DTH bit04

Applications of DTH hammer bits

DTH drilling tool is widely used in underground mining, quarries, hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering, water well drilling, Mineral exploration, anchoring hole drilling, geothermal engineering, Subway excavation, another civil engineering. it has the advantage of high flatness, smooth hole wall, high rigid of drill rod and hammer, independent of high axial thrust, no limit of drilling depth, low cost of devices and easiness to maintain. At the drilling hole of dia.105mm-dia.254mm, a plenty of the DTH drilling tools are used.

DTH bit application

We can design and manufacture according to customer's requirement of the Bit Dia, No. air holes, carbide button shape and the face shape.

How to order?

Shank Type + Diameter + Face Design + Button Configuration

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