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Medium Pressure DTH Hammers

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Our hammer and bits are made of high quality alloy steel with advanced heat treatment to assure the good drilling performance and long service life. They are widely used by our customers all over the world.
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DTH hammers are all simple structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as reliable quality and long service life. Kingkong Drills has various hammer models suitable to drill holes from 64mm to 1000 mm (2-1/2” ~ 39-3/8”) in diameter; and come with three kind: low pressure (5 ~ 7 bars), middle pressure (7 ~ 15 bar) and high pressure (7~ 30 bars).

We Offer three types of Medium Pressure DTH Hammers that operating air pressure is between 0.7 Mpa to 1.75 Mpa. And all of the BR Medium Pressure DTH Hammers are valveless, they are 

Easy to disassemble and assemble,

Ideal faster drilling speed and higher impact frequency. 

Drilling Diameter: 90mm-130mm 

Hammer Length: 700mm-800mm, 

External Diameter: 82mm, 

Impact Frequency: 25Hz. 

Air Consumption: 4 M3/min(0.7Mpa); 

6M3/min(1.0Mpa); 8M3/min(1.4Mpa).

Performance advantage

1, valveless air distribution. More reliable.

2, simple design of the piston, long life.

3, More efficient energy transfer, faster drilling speed, lower air consumption and lower oil consumption.

4, fewer internal parts, simple structure, longer life, less failure and easier to maintain becayse all the parts are heat treated.

Scope of application:

They are widely used for mine, quarry, road construction for the drilling and blasting work, water well drilling, slope protection, anchoring, etc. 

DTH hammers specifications


Bit Shank

Connection Thread

Suitable bit

Working pressure

Air consumption

1-3" Middle-low pressure
DTH hammers


RD40 box
RD50 box
API 2 3/8" Reg



0.7 Mpa

4.5 m3/min

1.0 Mpa

4 m3/min

1.4 Mpa

5 m3/min

3" hammers


API 2 3/8"Reg



1.0 Mpa

4.5 m3/min

1.5 Mpa

9 m3/min

Some Photos of DTH Hammers in workshop for production and stocked in warehouse.

DTH hammer03DTH hammer04

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