GT60 MF Drill Rods

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M/F rods are different from extension rods or drifting rods, one end is male thread, another one end is female thread. M/F rods provide more tighter connection and easy uncoupling and handling.
  • MF Drill Rods
  • Bart KingKong
  • 7610-1137-70, 7610-1143-70, 7610-1161-70, 7610-1243-70, 7610-1443-70
  • MF Rocck Drill Rods
  • Speed rods
  • GT60
  • MF rod, for bits from 92mm to 152mm
  • drifting, tunneling, benching, and long hole drilling
  • length 3660mm,4265mm,6095mm

GT60 rock drilling consumables and drilling equipments are matched wtih Tamrock and Sandvik drills Pantera 1100 and DP1500i and top-hammers HL1010, which is an intelligent top hammer rock drilling rig. The drilling hole range is 89mm-152 mm (3 1/2″–6″), and suitable rock drill steels are T51 GT60 MF rods (2 in, 2 3/8 in).

GT60 M/F Rods, GT60-Round 60-GT60, length 3660mm,4265mm,6095mm.

Sandvik Part No.: 7610-1137-70,?7610-1143-70, 7610-1161-70, 7610-1243-70, 7610-1443-70

MF rod, for bits from 92mm to 152mm.

Flushing hole 22.50mm.

GT60 Shank Adapter Interchangeable, Part No.:7600-6025-02.

GT60 Button Bits, 92mm, 102mm, 115mm, 127mm, 140mm, 152mm.

Standard body or retractable type with spherical buttons, new drop center design.

High strength chromium-molybdenum steel with high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance

Type: Hex. Drifter Rod, Extension Rod, Speed Rod, MF-Rod

Material: Tungsten carbide and high strength alloy steel

Processing: CNC milling and proprietary heat treatment process.

Rock drill rods are widely used in drifting, tunneling, benching, and long hole drilling.

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