Atlas Copco 1838 Drifter Shank Adapter

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Our Shank Adapters (Striking Bars) is equivalent to Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Furukawa, Gardner Genver, Ingersoll Rand etc.
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Shank adapter/Shank adaptor Features:
1.Made from steel as same grade as internationally well-known brand.
2Through-hardened and heat-treatment shank adapter for high wear resistance and a longer service life
3.Alloy steel,CNC manufactured,carburized ensure them with superior toughness and anti-fatigue strength to meet the most demanding drilling conditions.
4.offer a comprehensive range of shank adapters to mach different rock drill

Product Name:

Shank adaptor


Shank adaptor is used for transmitting power between drill machine and drill stems.


No MOQ required for testing and trial order





Our Shank Adaptors Are Available For :

Atlas Copco (COP1238,COP1838,COP1032 etc)

Furukawa (HD715,HD612,HD609,PD200 etc)

Ingersoll-Rand (VL140,VL671,YH80A etc)

Tamrock (HLX5,HL600,HL500,HL300,HL700,HL850,HL1000,HL1500 etc)

shank adapter04

shank adapter05shank adapter01shank adapter06

Male shank adapters are ideal for drifting, tunneling & extension applications where high bending stresses are present, and female shank adapters are used when the drilling space is limited and the total feed length is important.

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