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bart kingkong rock drilling tools
top hammer rock drilling tools cutting teeth
thread rock drilling tools
down the hole rock drilling tools
We pay a lot of attention to divers’ safety at all times, as there’s always some risk involved in it.
We pay a lot of attention to divers’ safety at all times, as there’s always some risk involved in it.
We pay a lot of attention to divers’ safety at all times, as there’s always some risk involved in it.


BART KingKong (Rock) Drilling (Tools) Consumables Invested and Owned by Bart Importing & Exporting Limited(HongKong) and Bart Yang Trades in year of 2012.With more than 7 years hard struggling in the field of Rock Drilling Tools, BART KingKong has become a symbol and a brand of higher quality China-made Rock Drilling Tools supplier and manufacturer in China. 
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BART KingKong is not in rush to be a big rock drilling tools manufacturer and supplier in China before he put his heart in this business to do more research and provide more various useful solutions to his customers.

There is one old saying: if you want experience in some fields of your life, money can not buy it from someone else, all you can do is to earn it by yourself. So we have a strategy to become a better and bigger supplier and manufacturer in China in the first 20 years, BKK Never wants to get greedy to sell something product cheap to make quick money, we cherish our reputation like a swan like its plumage.
A good quality products always has a good factory manufacturer with long history of rock drilling tools producing experiences. 

In year of 2018, BKK has his own factory and manufacturing partner: Wuxue City Yangtze (Changjiang River) Tools Co., ltd which this factory has more than 50 years of experience and more than 150 workers and engineers, quality control department and automatic robots production line. What is the most important factors to produce best quality rock drilling tools? Is it high quality and pure steels? Is it higher quality tungsten carbides? Is it more robots and CNC machines? No no no, in our mind, it is people with experience in this business.


Test Bit: R32-45mm Button Bits with 9 Button Tips
Test Working Place: Iron Mine. 275m Underground.
Rock Hardness Grade: High, Strong.
Rock Abrasive: Yes.
Drill Rig Machine: Atlas Copco281.


Our experienced team of Diving Professionals all have over 15 years of diving experience and have been professionally certified.

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